Iconic Starlets Melds Erotic Nostalgia With Hardcore Content

Oct 1, 2014 3:45 PM PST

LONDON — Before HD and DP and IR and all-sex, there were dancing girls, legs extended from behind shadowy corners, and there were silver screen temptresses like Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, who revealed only enough to stoke the fire, but not to quench it.

With the upcoming launch of IconicStarlets.com, London-based Oscar Storm hopes to pay homage to the latter, while incorporating some elements of the former, particularly with regard to technological advancements and the addition of hardcore sex.

Set to launch Oct. 26, “when British summer ends and evenings get dark,” the site will feature 12 starlets sourced for their performance ability and resemblance to classic Hollywood starlets.

“The site will take you back to your fondness for that erotic tension, the climatic build-up, to evoke lustful desires and thoughts,” Storm of Oscar Storm Studio told XBIZ.

Each performer will film one full feature a month, as well as non-feature films. In total, Storm says that updates will be frequent, with three new movies a month, giving fans 15 fresh scenes a weeks (or more than two a day).

Storm has even dreamed up a fictional back story for the studio, beginning with an emphatic timestamp: “The year is 1956.”

In this alternate reality, Iconic Studios was founded in 1948 by a certain Jay Arthur. Arthur made his fortune during World War II by filming performances of Hollywood starlets and singers and screening them for Army camps in the Allied forces.

After the war, with the newfound knowledge that sex sells, Arthur bought up bankrupt film studios across Europe and sent out scouts to find young, attractive girls to mold into the stars of tomorrow.

The girls became known as Iconic Starlets, with some of the best and brightest plucked up by Hollywood and shuttled to even greater stardom.    

“[The line depicts] young starlets shooting B movies at the start of their careers just before Hollywood beckoned,” Storm explains. “It shows exactly what they did and did not do off camera. How they craved sex as well as fame and fortune — a mix of style, glamour and sex.”

The actual studio’s performers are also subjected to Storm’s revisionism. One of the first Iconic Starlets debuting on the site, Paige Wilson, will be portraying Susan H., who was born in 1937 in London to middle class parents. Although her childhood ambition was to become a nurse, she fell into acting after responding to a casting call announcement published in the Stage newspaper.  

Other confirmed performers Tasha Holz and Beth Bennett will assume similar personages.

According to Storm, Iconic Starlets’ target markets are “silver surfers” — older men looking to recapture the fantasies of their past — and service men.

“The theme and remit of Icon Starlets is to bring flooding back to those silver surfers and baby boomers, the thoughts and memories of their youth,” Storm said. “The youth has not been forgotten. It is our intent to have all our starlet avail themselves, as did the icons they will portray, for entertaining all Allied troops.”

Iconic Starlets will offer moral-boosting tours and webcam performances, as well as free special shot scenes, to service men currently fighting in unstable countries around the world, Storm said.

In addition to movies and scenes, fans will be able to purchase one-on-one webcam time with the starlets. Those who join a starlet’s individual “fan club” will have access to live streams of perfomers before and after shooting their scenes.

IconicStarlets.com is now live ahead of its official launch, featuring news updates and video "reels."

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