BBC: Porn Stars Ask Google to Help to Combat Piracy

Nov 7, 2014 1:30 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — The BBC reported today that porn stars and adult studios have called on Google to help publicize legal ways to buy adult content in an effort to combat piracy.

Prominent industry figures told the media outlet they deserved the same measures as those recently introduced to publicize legitimate music and film sites.

"Google continues to discriminate against the adult industry," adult star Angela White told the BBC.

Google told the BBC it did not wish to comment on the matter.

The search giant based in Mountain view, Calif. recently struck a deal with the music industry in the U.K. to show links to legal ways to buy music more prominently than before.

Record labels had long complained that a search for something would show piracy links before legitimate sites.

Several influential figures in the porn industry reportedly told the BBC that they are after the same kind of deal.

At present, the online adult industry is not allowed to buy advertising space on Google's network.

"Google is perpetuating the misconception that the adult industry is not a legitimate industry," White added. "The adult industry is run like any other professional industry; we pay taxes, create jobs and contribute to the economy.

"How many times a day is the word 'porn' typed into the Google search interface? Mainstream corporations like Google continue to discriminate against the adult industry despite the world being genuinely interested in seeking out pornography."

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