Indiegogo Campaign Launched for ‘World’s Longest Thrusting Dildo’

Dec 9, 2014 12:00 PM PST

MELBOURNE, Australia – Promising a full extension of three inches with variable speed control, MiaMaxx has launched an Indiegogo campaign to create a full thrusting handhelf pleasure device for men and women.

According to the company, the device offers a full three-inch “stroke” and also has a vibrating function with slow, medium and fast settings. MiaMaxx also is creating an assortment of “click-on” sleeves that can be attached to the head to offer a variety of shapes, colors, textures and girth.

The company also is preparing a “cradle” that secures MiaMaxx in place for full hands-free operation. The cradle has suction feet so it can sit securely on walls, floor, bathroom tiles as well as glass.

“The design team for MiaMaxx is very small and close knit,” MiaMaxx’s inventor Bruno Rossi told XBIZ. “After four years of pre-production we feel not-so-new to the industry. Over the past year we've taken on some new key members at Daretoo to help us ensure, as we get to the final stages of production, that the promotion of the message, language and imagery surrounding MiaMaxx is accurate, inclusive and getting out to the right people. We genuinely want to educate folks about sex and body positivity – we aim to help further de-stigmatize self-pleasure and masturbation with MiaMaxx.”

According to Rossi, the inspiration for MiaMaxx came from his day job.

“I was creating a handheld dread-lock tool that punched in-and-out for my salon – yes I am a hairdresser,” he said. “Essentially it was a thrusting implement and the tool was in use at my salon for a very brief period of time before someone delicately pointed out what such a machine could potentially be applicable for! Cue some head scratching, oodles of research, dozens upon dozens of designs and redesigns, focus groups and several sets of prototypes and the MiaMaxx was born.

“The sleeve attachments were created in collaboration with our graphic designer and then honed after focus groups and consultations. We're certainly not done with sleeve accessory design though; MiaMaxx mach2 will have even more to offer in terms of technology and innovative design.”

Rossi says he believes MiaMaxx is dually marketable both to men and women because there is a gap in the market for “genuine automated pleasure devices.”

“The thrusting nature of MiaMaxx is totally unique,” he said. “This becomes very clear in a simple hand squeeze test, MiaMaxx definitely doesn't stop! In terms of male products there are eggs and sleeves and pockets and plastic pussies but anal stimulation is almost nearly purely a hands on, manual affair. If you type 'anal toys for men' into Google you will find a huge range of plugs and static toys, some of which vibrate but there isn't a single object that compares with MiaMaxx for male pleasure.”

According to Rossi, MiaMaxx will soon be available to wholesale buyers as well as online and retail.

“We expect to be on the shelves by the end of January and are so incredibly excited to see this product come to fruition,” he said. “We've been working on MiaMaxx for over four years now and we are so ready to share it with the world.”

To check out the MiaMaxx Indiegogo campaign, click here.

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