Severe Sex Debuts 'Kink School' BDSM Instructional DVD Series

Dec 15, 2014 10:35 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Exile Distribution is releasing “Kink School: A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM,” the first in a series of instructional DVDs from Severe Sex. 

“A Beginner’s Guide” reports to offer real and practical education for people who are beginning to explore their kinky side.

“BDSM and fetish play has become more and more accepted by the mainstream, which is great,” said Dee Severe, “Beginner’s Guide” director and Severe Sex co-owner. “But the downside is there are all these people who have read ‘50 Shades of Gray’ or downloaded a fetish clip and they want to experiment, but they have no idea what they’re doing. They don’t play safely and end up with an unpleasant, frightening experience or actual physical injuries. So there’s a great need for a DVD that offers adventurous beginners the BDSM basics for safe, sane and consensual play.”

“A Beginner’s Guide” covers basic safety, finding a playmate and negotiating a mutually satisfying BDSM session. It also provides step-by-step instruction in the basics of bondage, flogging, spanking, foot worship and sensory deprivation.

"We're hoping that by showing people the safe way to play, they will have a positive first experience with BDSM and discover a whole new sexual world to enjoy," added Jimmy Broadway, Severe Sex co-owner, director and performer.

Instructors for “A Beginner’s Guide” include BDSM filmmaker and educator Tim Woodman, director/performer and dominatrix Aiden Starr, fetish performer Dominik Kross, and real-life kinky couple Severe and Broadway. Jay Taylor, Charli Piper and Aidan the Houseboy serve as demonstration models, while Jessica Ryan joins Kross for a playful scene that demonstrates how well foot worship can fit in with vanilla sex.

“This is the real deal instructional DVD from the people who live the lifestyle everyday,” said Exile’s Howard Levine. 

Topics for future Severe Sex Kink School releases will include more advanced BDSM, fetishes, role play, toys, electrical play, strap-on and sissy slut training, girl/girl BDSM and other aspects of kinky play. 

For more information, contact Exile at 818-576-9464.

Severe Sex is the new DVD line of fetish producer/directors Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway, in which they bring their experience as mainstream independent filmmakers, as well as lifestyle BDSM players, to the world of adult entertainment. Severe and Broadway’s original enterprise, Severe Society Films, has been nominated for six XBIZ awards to date.

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