L.A. Pleasure Chest Announces January Workshops

Dec 22, 2014 12:58 PM PST

LOS ANGELES – The Pleasure Chest Los Angeles has announced its January workshop schedule featuring sexuality educators from across the country, including Ignacio Rivera, Ashley Manta, Charlie Glickman, Reid Mihalko, Tristan Taormino, Sarah Sloane, and several Pleasure Chest Sex Specialists.

The month begins with workshops that focus on personal fulfillment while the end of the month is dedicated to the fundamentals of BDSM, in anticipation of the cinematic release of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

“Since the book became a bestseller, we’ve helped a lot of curious readers explore their newfound kinky desires safely,” said Sarah Tomchesson, The Pleasure Chest’s director of business development and strategy. “We want to make sure that the folks who are eagerly awaiting the movie have education and practical tools to back up their fantasies.”

Writer, performer and educator Ignacio Rivera opens on Jan. 5 with “Getting the Play That You Want,” a class about negotiating desires and boundaries with your partner(s) and techniques to bring sexual fantasies to life.

On Jan. 7, Ashley Manta will teach a “Have an Affair with Yourself” workshop about masturbation.

On Jan.14, the Pleasure Chest’s own Kate and Larkin will host a role-playing workshop.

On Jan. 15, sex and relationship coach Charlie Glickman will host “Pegging 101.”

On Jan. 19, the “Designing Your Open Relationship” will discuss open relationships with expert and author of “Opening Up,” Tristan Taormino.

Reid Mihalko will host the “Martial Arts Techniques for the Bedroom” workshop on Jan. 20.

On Jan. 21, Sarah Sloane’s “Becoming Dominant” class will teach how to revel in dominance while respecting the bounds of consent.

On Jan. 26, “Impact Play: Spanking, Flogging & More” with Koko, will be a class about negotiation, technique and which tools deliver which sensations best.

Attendees can discover quick and easy bondage techniques, learn rope ties from hands-on demos, and find out how to pick the best kind of restraint for every situation on Jan. 28, at “Bondage Basics” with Mistress Mary.

“The new year is all about getting a fresh start, as the best possible version of yourself,” Tomchesson said. “Why not channel some of that energy of the new year into the bedroom?”

The Pleasure Chest Los Angeles is located at 7733 Santa Monica Blvd., in West Hollywood. All workshops are free to attend, with no reservation required.

For the workshop schedule, click here.

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