Will Ryder to Direct New Bill Cosby XXX Parody

Jan 5, 2015 10:09 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Director Will Ryder announced plans to release a new parody of embattled actor-comedian Bill Cosby called "Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong."

With all the trouble that superstar Cosby has been facing lately it was only a matter of time before a third volume of the Huxtable family porn series was released, Ryder said. "Not the Cosbys XXX: Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" will be available online and on DVD via X-Play and Pulse Distribution Jan 21.

The lovable television comic who starred in "The Cosby Show" from 1984 until 1992 has been in the news with a never-ending series of scandals dating back to the 1980s in which he allegedly abused his Hollywood star power to take sexual advantage of young, impressionable women. Nobody knows for sure if these accusations are fact or fiction but it does highlight a serious fall from grace for a guy that was once known as "America's favorite dad." He earned that title playing Cliff Huxtable in the popular NBC Television series "The Cosby Show."
"We had a lot of fun making the first two Huxtable porn movies so it's shocking when somebody as beloved as Bill Cosby is in the bull's-eye of such horrific accusations but we felt a need to bring some levity to this situation because that's what we do," Ryder said. "Fans of Cliff Huxtable and Bill Cosby will love our new movie."

"Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" will feature the return of Detroit comic Thomas Ward who played Huxtable in the first two spoofs. To view the SFW YouTube trailer for "Not the Cosbys XXX #2," click here.

"I would like to thank Mr. Cosby for giving us a reason to create this new movie and I would like to think Mr. Cosby is innocent of all the allegations but when there is this much smoke there might be a little fire somewhere," Ward said.

"Not the Cosbys XXX: Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" will also feature Misty Stone along with most of the original cast members and include a discount coupon for Jell-O Pudding with every DVD purchase.

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