Launches Cunnilingus Site

Jan 20, 2015 7:00 AM PST

MONTREAL — Creators of have launched

The website updates multiples times a week and features both straight and lesbian/bisexual pairings and groups with a focus on eroticism.

“We were trying to capture something that works for everyone. Some people like more emphasis on the facial reactions, others want lots of close-up shots, then there are those who want to see a shot featuring both bodies together… It’s hard to please everyone, but we think we have the balance figured out,” President Mike Flirt said.

The company noted that the site is also an important indication that women’s pleasure should be a priority in porn and that more audiences are seeing this as an integral part of their desires.

“There is so much porn for women and couples coming out. So many companies are investing more into what they think might entice women because they realize that we’re an increasing segment of the market," vice president Sophie Delancey said.

She added, "For us, it’s not about getting a piece of the pie (so to speak), but rather about just putting pleasure our there and letting it speak for itself. Hopefully people see this site and realize that all pleasure is important, regardless of gender. We’re just happy to now be able to provide beautiful oral sex porn focused on women, too. It’s time."

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