Japanese Porn Company Jumps Into Robotics Business

Jan 28, 2015 9:00 AM PST

TOKYO —  A major Japanese porn company is expanding its business into robotics.

CNN Japan reported that DMM — a major purveyor of adult content [that can be seen on XVideos.com] — is branching out into four areas: making industrial-grade robotic technology accessible for everyday use, import/export robots, starting robot sales, and creating a Japan-wide robotics association.

DMM is no stranger to vertical diversification, with ties in the online securities and solar panel industries. The company is also in bed with several tech players led by Fujisoft and several robot manufacturers that produce toy-like companions.

The company believes the expansion will yield some serious profitability. CNET said its 2015 revenue goal is $25 million with a target of $85 billion by 2017.

Along with its standing in adult, the company is also respected in the tech industry. DMM opened up a tech center in Akihabara and has held events there, including a Tokyo preview of the Japanese companies attending “South by Southwest” in March.

The company is also a well-known commercial entity, using major Japanese stars to hawk its products.

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