SecretToolbox, Which Makes Porn Invisible, Debuts

Feb 9, 2015 3:08 PM PST

ORLANDO, Fla. — New software designed to help adult site owners gain and retain customers who want to remain anonymous while sifting through porn has just launched.

SecretToolbox, its CEO and founder Mark Kassar says, “stops people from getting caught by their spouses and bosses.” Kassar also notes that the software organizes users’ porn collections.

But Kassar said the company’s pitch is towards adult site owners as a sales tool to increase their conversion rates and retain customers.

“We achieve this in several ways,” Kassar told XBIZ. “First of all we have our standard affiliate program with 50/50 revenue split on a 12-month, end-user license and we pay on the re-bill when the license expires, and also our volume licensing.

“The volume license is ideal for paysites,” he said. “We agree on a volume rate, which could be as low as $5, and we give the site owner as many licenses (redemption codes) as they like. We don’t charge at that point, we just monitor the licenses, and we bill at the end of the month for any licenses redeemed by the end users.

“The paysite can give them away for free, charge at cost, or mark them up to generate extra revenue, utilizing them as a way to a) add value to their proposition and b) increase the confidence of the end user.

“If the user is getting a $49.95 piece of software for free or just a few dollars, and their confidence is now increased that they won’t get caught, they are more likely to sign up to the paysite.”

Kassar said that SecretToolbox includes its own built-in media player/image viewer, capable of playing all major codecs, and as a bonus the Windows-based software locks the home page on all free trials and registered versions.

“We have a proprietary tracking system — users can either be sent to our site, or if the site owner prefers they can host the executable file themselves, and we can still track the sale,” he said.

“It’s noncompetitive to adult site owners, does not cost them anything, increases conversions and revenue, and gives them control over the home page — so I’d like to think we’ve got a winning combination.”

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