Severe Sex Drops 'FemDom Dream Date'

Feb 18, 2015 10:02 AM PST

 LOS ANGELES — Exile Distribution has released "FemDom Dream Date," a new feature from Severe Sex, a fresh line from fetish producers/directors Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway. 

“’Severe Sex’ has become one of our premiere lines in a very short amount of time,” said Exile’s Howard Levine. “This is all new footage, not clips strung together, that has a lot of thought put into it. They have become the number one kinky company very quickly. Quality sells well.”

“FemDom Dream Date” follows the tumultuous, funny, sometimes frightening journey of a man with submissive fantasies, who sets out to find a real-life girl to dominate him. 

“I love that ‘Dream Date’ combines heavy BDSM and humor,” director Dee Severe said. "Years ago I actually met my now-husband and business partner Jimmy Broadway through a kinky online dating site, so we’ve both been through those real-life BDSM dates that start out well, but go horribly wrong. But I’ve never seen those experiences represented in porn before.” 

“FemDom Dream Date” stars Dominik Kross as the guy in search of a mistress. The three-hour epic also stars Aiden Starr as his favorite fetish porn star — who appears to him in a dream and yells at him for jerking off by himself instead of going out and finding a real girl to play with.  Lea Lexis appears as a not-so-kinky girl in search of a green card, top L.A. dominatrix Cybill Troy plays the scary pro domme from hell, and Ela Darling appears in a wild scene as a hot girl obsessed with the zombie apocalypse.  

Kross’ real-life girlfriend Jessica Ryan completes the cast, as the girl who finally fulfills all his dreams. “I love working with real-life couples because the chemistry they have is amazing, and those scenes always turn out great,” Severe said.

“So much of the adult film produced today is unrealistic," added Broadway, "In 'FemDom Dream Date' we tried to show that real life can be pretty entertaining. Much of what happens is culled from actual experiences of our cast and crew, and unlike many films, all of the BDSM action is authentic, performed by people who actually play this way in their off-screen lives."

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