Digital R.E. Offers .XXX Tube Sites

Feb 19, 2015 11:59 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Digital R.E. has announced its launch of a new niche-based adult tube site portfolio, based on Pimproll’s Hosted Tube technology.

The new sites cover Asian, fetish, gay, lesbian, mature, MILF and tranny content, among other genres, and are presented on ICM Registry’s adults-only .XXX domain space.

Owners of a substantial portfolio of .xxx domains which the company began acquiring in Dec. of 2011, Digital R.E. entered the adult entertainment industry with no experience in domain names, the Internet in general, or porn in particular — relying instead on patience and persistence to drive its success.

Shortly after the launch of the .xxx TLD, Digital R.E. started monitoring the adult Internet landscape and realized that many early .xxx registrants were letting their registrations lapse; allowing the company to cherry pick keyword-rich domain names once they became publicly available.

“When we learned about the Domain Matching Program, where the underlying .xxx registrant has the first chance to register their matching names in ICM’s new TLDs like .porn and .adult, a new strategy developed,” Digital R.E. spokesperson Melanie Koerperich explains. “What was once an odd domain name at best, e.g.,, just became a great domain name, e.g., GayXXX.Porn!”  

“Digital R.E. has invested significant time, effort and resources into their business logic and their choice to use hundreds of .xxx domains has overachieved their expectations,” ICM VP Steve Winyard confides. “It is rewarding to find another example of success and we will continue to support their growth and promote them whenever possible across our new TLDs.”

Koerperich notes that although Digital R.E. saw the value in owning these assets, it wasn’t until one of the largest companies in the adult industry partnered with ICM Registry and purchased, that it was inspired to turn its domains into adult sites offering comprehensive, relevant and fresh adult fare — coupled with a strategy of promoting the sites via ICM’s traffic-rich directory service.

“We’re incredibly excited at the continued success of our partners who have used the Hosted Tube platform to monetize their .xxx domains and we look forward to seeing the same techniques being used in the near future to successfully monetize .porn domains,” Pimproll VP Phil Bradbury notes. “ICM’s domain matching program allows companies like Digital R.E. to continue to grow their domain portfolios while protecting the brand recognition that they have worked so hard to achieve.”

“This was exactly what we needed to happen to start monetizing our assets.  We didn’t know the first thing about the adult industry but had all of these valuable domains,” Koerperich adds. “When Pimproll jumped on board, that changed everything. You don’t have to be a genius to create a porn tube using Pimproll — you just point your domain to their name servers and select the relevant categories and like magic, perfectly designed sites are created.”

Digital R.E. anticipates a doubling of its portfolio in July of this year, when the .porn extension is set to be released, along with an exponential increase in revenue due to the exact match domain names used to host the company’s sites.

“People will search for free gay porn,” Koerperich concludes, “and we’ll have”

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