Nintendo’s 3DS XL: A New Platform for Porn?

Mar 13, 2015 3:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Mid-February 2015 saw the North American launch of the updated Nintendo 3DS XL handheld gaming and entertainment system — a platform presenting potential for porn producers.

A revision of last year’s model, the new 3DS XL is backward compatible with existing DS game titles and boasts a faster processor, a new “C-Stick” navigational interface, better batteries and a 4 GB microSDHC card slot — which publishers can use to deliver content via readily available memory cards.

Integrated near-field communications support next generation amiibo character technology, providing even more inspiration for today’s content developers and producers.

The system includes six AR cards, enabling users to bring augmented reality into the picture — a picture that is crystal clear, thanks to the 3DS XL’s sharp display screen and automatic brightness control.

Perhaps most impressive, however, is the device’s “glasses free” 3D technology, which relies on super-stable face tracking to deliver vastly improved 3D viewing angles to take games — and other content — to a new level.

“The face-tracking feature uses the system’s inner cameras to adjust images based on your viewing angle, so you can enjoy total immersion in your games,” explains a Nintendo rep, of the technology that maintains the illusion of 3D, even as the device is tilted — a common occurrence during frenzied game play and other active uses.

An improved camera offers better low-light performance (a boon to amateur porn producers that often work without additional lighting equipment), allowing users to shoot 2D and 3D photos and videos — providing a sub-$200 ticket to the world of homemade 3D video.

An integrated web browser supports surfing and online video playback, while Wi-Fi and local file transfer capabilities make it easy to share photos, music, videos and other files between the device and a PC.

Altogether, in addition to its more intended uses, the new Nintendo 3DS XL is a cohesive platform for producing, distributing and consuming porn. It offers its own ecosystem of 3DS XL users who may best enjoy 3D adult fare produced by and for the device, while the broader adult entertainment audience may find satisfaction in compelling porn produced using the 3DS XL.

With all of this going for it, porn may soon be coming to (or provided by) a Nintendo 3DS XL near you.

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