Elle Magazine Asks Porn Stars If They Fake Orgasms

Feb 24, 2015 1:45 PM PST

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Men are always wondering if the women they’re with are faking orgasms. But about the women they’re watching?

Elle Magazine writer Cheryl Wischhover took it upon herself to find out, and asked five porn stars if they “fake it” in real life and/or on camera.

The resulting piece on Elle.com, “5 Female Porn Stars Sound Off Orgasms,” features responses from adult performers Jenna J Ross, Nikki Delano, Brooklyn Chase, Kayla-Jane Danger and performer/director Kitty Stryker.

Their answers about on-camera orgasms run the gamut: Jenna J Ross wants every on-camera orgasm to be real, so the viewer’s experience is real. Kayla-Jane Danger wants her female performers to really come, and have fun on set. Brooklyn Chase and Nikki Delano fake it more often than not. Stryker says it's a lot like real life — sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't, but she tends to "overact" real orgasms on camera. 

“I was glad to be able to set the record straight, so my fans don’t think I’m faking anything, and everything is see is the real deal,” Ross said.

“A lot of people have no idea what sex on a porn set is like,” explained Chase. “I’m glad to be able to give the readers some insight into what it’s like.”

Real life is a completely different animal. Chase rarely fakes it in real life and Ross (who is a squirter) will never fake it. Delano needs to connect or be in love with the person she’s with to have a real orgasm. Danger provided a few tips on how to set the mood, so women really do orgasm. 

“It really sucks when you have to fake it all the time, and usually happens if you’re with someone who doesn’t care about your pleasure,” Danger said. “I’m so glad that’s not an issue in my life anymore.”

“It’s great to have a voice that reaches the mainstream,” added Delano. “These are very common questions and a lot of people are afraid to ask.”

To read the article in its entirety, click here. The article will also appear in a future printed issue of the magazine.

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