Google Trends Ranks Papua New Guinea as Biggest Porn Hounds

Feb 25, 2015 8:15 AM PST

PAPUA NEW GUINEA — Google Trends is reporting that Australia’s northern neighbor Papua New Guinea searches for porn more than any other term.

Although the country has less than 8 million people, and for the most part is Internet deprived, it has the greatest percentage of searches for the words "porn" and "pornography" compared to the nation's total searches.

Papua New Guinea ranked 100 on the regional search volume index as compared to the U.S. that ranked 31.

Trinidad and Tobago, the Solomon Islands, India and Fiji rounded out the top five.

“Free” and “free porn” were the top two searches, followed by “you porn,” “porn hub,” and “sex porn.”

"Working with young men, we find that porn is very accessible," Thelma Kavanamur, communications officer with the youth organization The Voice Inc. told Australia’s

But the demand may be stymied. The government is reportedly planning to develop a $2 million Internet filtering project as a means to block adult websites.

"We are not trying to control the medium of communication but we are trying to filter the rubbish that is supplied free online which spoils the mindset of the young children of Papua New Guinea," said Steven Mala, the country's chief censor.

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