Charity Porn Site Can't Give Away Donations

Mar 4, 2015 8:25 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And that just may describe what’s going on with charity porn site that can’t seem to give away its donations.

Salon reported that in just two months the site — that apes video game site The Humble Indie Bundle — has raised nearly $15,000 in donations but no charities will take the money.

The site sells “bundles” of porn from other websites that includes hardcore photos and videos. Users can pay for bundles from $5-100 or a custom package. In the site’s “suggested split” content providers get the bulk of the money and the rest goes to the charity. But there are other options the user can choose and a “tip” helps pay for the site’s overhead.

One rejection said, “After speaking with our legal and communication teams, we have decided that we will not pursue this offer.” And even Toys for Tots that has reportedly accepted money from a strip club, also passed on the money.  An email from the organization read, “As you might imagine, such a statement by us would create much controversy and cost us a significant number of supporters. The ultimate bottom line, I fear, is that we would raise far fewer toys and dollars and consequently reach far fewer families in need this Christmas.

“While I make no personal judgment on your business, I hope you will understand when I say it is not worth the chance our foundation would have to take to work with your website.”

The site’s creator, who goes by the name of Humpy Leftnut, told Salon, “I don’t think charities love the idea of giving money back, and even worse — paying staff members to figure out what money is icky enough to refuse. But they feel they’re put in this situation by their rich and/or religious donors. Why risk it?”

Although an uphill battle, the site is making some headway, partnering with the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, video game developer Able Gamers that makes games for the handicapped, and Angels Giving Tree, that gives holiday gifts to needy children.

But the story points out that a legal “mission-driven” adult company like HumptheBundle — despite its attempt to do some good in the everyday world — is often plagued by a mainstream world that fears the perception of porn and often forces the industry back into the shadows.

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