Camarillo Uses Condom Law to Keep Porn Productions Out of City

Mar 13, 2015 2:31 PM PST

CAMARILLO, Calif. — The Camarillo City Council voted Wednesday to adopt a permanent ordinance to regulate the production of adult films in the city.

Camarillo’s new law requires that performers wear condoms or dental dams in every act of penetration or oral sex during the production of adult films in the city.

Ordinance No. 1105 also requires that producers obtain permits and maintain proper notices indicating that performers must wear condoms at the adult film production sites.

With the new ordinance in effect, shoot locations could be inspected for compliance by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, local health officials and possibly contractors.

After Measure B was approved by Los Angeles County voters in November 2012, producers of adult films migrated to outlying regions, such as Ventura County and Las Vegas, to avoid the stricter regulations.

Camarillo is located 30 minutes from the Los Angeles County line.

“There was a rush to the doors [by adult filmmakers] to go into Ventura County,” Mayor Bill Little said Wednesday, according to the Camarillo Acorn. “We certainly didn’t want to be the recipients of that industry.”

Even Assistant City Manager Dave Norman is quoted as saying in a previous City Council meeting that the suggestion of a potential safe-sex ordinance can be enough to keep adult film crews away.

“The first question that’s always asked whenever we get an inquiry in community development about adult filming is, ‘Do you have a condom ordinance?’ If the [answer] to that is, ‘We’re thinking about that or we’re assumed to have one or we have a moratorium,’ they say, ‘Thank you. Goodbye.’”

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