N.Y. Post Spotlights Virtual Porn at SXSW Tech Conference

Mar 17, 2015 7:00 AM PST

AUSTIN, Texas — The New York Post picked up on the virtual reality (VR) porn hot button at the annual SXSW Interactive tech conference held last week in Austin, Texas.

Spotlighting the Oculus Rift headset, the Post asked Brian Shuster, CEO and founder of Red Light Center and Utherverse his thoughts about the headgear’s potential for virtual porn.

A pioneer in developing VR porn and other market segment software, Shuster told the Post, “Everybody who picks up a Rift says, ‘How am I gonna watch porn on this?’ It’s just a universal truth. That’s how you know you’re on the right path.”

Shuster’s company is on the right track with a “visionary strategy,” according to XBIZ founder and publisher Alec Helmy who presented a tech forward session on the “Future of Porn is 3D Virtual Reality” along with Shuster.

“Brian thinks on a whole different level than most producers and live-cam operators,” Helmy said. “Given the complexity of his platform, very few companies will have the know-how to create something like what he has.”

Shuster believes that once VR headsets become popular there will be a surge in demand that will fuel intense research and development that could create more “networked touch” interactive features.

But MakeLoveNotPorn.com CEO and founder Cindy Gallop offered a caveat about the potential of VR porn, pointing to the difficulty in raising capital for adult projects.

Despite the funding obstacles — nothing new to porn visionaries — and Oculus’s slow move to market in an effort to perfect its product, Shuster nevertheless is knocking on the door.

“I’ve reached out to Oculus and told them we need to sit down and talk,” Shuster said. “But they haven’t shipped and they’re not returning my calls.”

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