MindBrowse.com Live Presents 'Men of Porn' With Ryan Driller

Mar 23, 2015 11:03 AM PST

CYBERSPACE — MindBrowse.com posits that men who work as porn performers are “far more than just window dressing and pop shots.”

To delve deeper into this subject, MindBrowse is hosting “Men of Porn - A Peek Behind The Curtain,” on Tuesday, March 24 at 3 p.m. EST.

“Men of Porn” will feature three top men working in porn today — Ryan Driller, Steven St. Croix and Tyler Knight — in a panel discussion about what it’s actually like to be a stud in adult entertainment.

“During all my years researching adult entertainment, I have found that one group is notoriously overlooked — men,” said sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, who serves as the moderator for MindBrowse events. “Men performers are integral to adult content production, yet their voices are almost always left out of the conversation.

"We rarely hear about men’s experiences as workers, their concerns and the impact their highly visible and stigmatized careers have on their personal lives. I am very excited to engage this conversation with some of the industry’s leading performers.”

“One thing that I have noticed in my 21 years as a publisher, producer and director in the adult entertainment industry is that the men are fascinating, creative and work very hard to create hot and compelling films in their chosen profession,” added Angie Rowntree, MindBrowse producer and publisher of Sssh.com. “The other side of this, however, is that historically, there is relatively little ‘behind the curtain’ coverage of male performers in the media. This episode of MindBrowse brings together three amazing men for a candid discussion about their experiences in adult as performers and directors.”

Fans can submit questions to the panel via Twitter at #SexTalkTuesday. Panelists will have the opportunity to address these questions in addition to the questions posed by Tibbals, culled from feedback she has been gathering in anticipation of the event.

Ryan Driller started working in the adult industry in 2008. He stayed under the radar until 2010, when his acting abilities, charisma and prowess made him a go-to leading man in parodies.

Steven St. Croix is an author, painter, photographer, director, 11-time Best Actor award winner, and the first male performer signed to an exclusive performance contract (for Vivid Entertainment). St. Croix has over 21 years work experience in the adult entertainment industry.

Tyler Knight is a 13-year veteran of the adult film industry. He is a recipient of the Good For Her Feminist Porn "Heartthrob of the Year" Award and a former Playgirl spokesmodel. His upcoming memoir is scheduled for publication by Rare Bird Books in Spring 2016.

The event also will be live-tweeted and streamed at @ssshforwomen under the hashtag #SexTalkTuesday.

For more information on "Men of Porn - A Peek Behind The Curtain" or to watch previous MindBrowse events, visit MindBrowse.com

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