Porn Guardian Teams Up With Xvid Solutions

Mar 24, 2015 11:37 AM PST

LOS ANGELES  — Porn Guardian (aka Piracy Stops Here) has added another tool to it arsenal of piracy-fighting weapons with Xvid’s new AutoGraph fingerprinting service.

Known for being more than simply a DMCA takedown service, the anti-piracy agency reports that it is dedicated to “stopping pirates, not just playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with DMCAs.”

The company’s proprietary fingerprinting service has helped many clients find out which of their members were uploading files to filesharing sites and torrents.

The company today announced the addition of Xvid’s new AutoGraph service. “This new digital fingerprinting option is the most advanced I have seen,” Porn Guardian co-owner Dominic Ford said. “The digital marks it inserts into downloads cannot be seen, and cannot be removed. They survive re-encoding, re-sizing and pretty much everything else. Plus, Xvid’s content delivery platform is extremely fast and robust. Our clients do not need to worry about customers experiencing any kind of slowdown in their downloads. In fact, it’s probably faster than what they are used to.”

Xvid Solutions’s Dino Mari added, “We were looking for a partner in the adult space, and talked to a few companies. But it was immediately clear that Porn Guardian is the most tech-savvy in the industry, with the most robust tools and a high success rate. Working with them to integrate our technology into their platform has been painless because of this. We are excited that through Porn Guardian, our technology is being brought to an industry that has seen such devastation from piracy, and we hope our work with Porn Guardian will make real differences for the adult industry.”

Several Porn Guardian clients have been beta-testing the technology. BluMedia representative Chuck Angerman said that his company is grateful for the work Porn Guardian has done for them over the last two years, explaining, “it’s constantly an ongoing battle to locate pirated videos, send DMCA’s and repeat. We were excited to be one of the pilot users of this new system, and because of it we are not only able to identify illegal downloaders, but also pinpoint areas in our system that might be vulnerable to hackers. We have identified stolen videos within hours and disabled the video pirate’s membership access."

“Our existing watermarking technology caught a lot of pirates and allowed our clients to shut down member accounts determined to be the source of content theft,” said Peter Phinney, co-owner of Porn Guardian. “This new technology is even more robust and scalable, and the digital marks are undetectable and permanent.  We are excited to be able to offer this new technology to our clients as part of our holistic approach to identifying and exposing individual pirates.”

Porn Guardian owners Dominic Ford and Peter Phinney will both be a t the Phoenix Forum, where they will be featured on both “Evolution of Piracy” and “Technical Innovation” panels. 

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