U.K. Lawmaker's Wife Declines Ben Dover's £100K Porn Offer

Mar 30, 2015 3:53 PM PST

LONDON — Karen Danczuk, the wife of British lawmaker Simon Danczuk, has turned down an offer of £100,000 to star in pair of porn films by adult film producer Ben Dover.

The story caught on fire after Karen Danczuk retweeted a tweet by The Sun promoting the story. She also tweeted a rejection of the offer.

The rejection had a screenshot of the news piece that read: “Thanks for tweets/messages. Can I just confirm that as flattered as I am about being asked no I won’t be doing this.”

Last week, Simon Danczuk, a Labour Party member of Parliament, took a defensive stance after he went on radio clarify his position about news that he had favorited on Twitter (but was not following) “an 18+ Erotic account for posting sexy pictures of sexy women.”

“Let’s be truthful about this. If I am being asked have I ever used porn, then the answer is yes,” he said on radio. “I am a man of the world. I wouldn’t deny that sort of thing. I think we should not be too sanctimonious about this.

“I think there is far too much of that in politics and I think don’t put politicians on a pedestal. Let’s just have real conversations about real issues.”

Karen Danczuk, who has been called the “Queen of the Selfie,” was quick to back him her husband up on Twitter, saying there’s nothing wrong with a bit of porn “favoriting” and that furthermore,

“Is anyone seriously offended by a bit of porn favoriting? Come on, if you're not watching it yourself you really need to. It's healthy,” she said.

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