U.K. Independent Party Candidate Is a Porn Star

Apr 10, 2015 3:29 PM PST

LONDON — UKIP candidate John Langley goes by another name … his porn name.

And that is Johnny Rockard, who operates the Bristol-based adult studio Johnny Rockard Global Media and FS Models, an adult talent agency.

Rockard’s been in the news recently after the BBC interviewed the candidate for Bristol’s Stockwood ward, representing the U.K. Independence Party.

He's worked in the adult entertainment business for some time — 40 years, in fact — working as a performer, producer and model agent.

“I started off as an agent at 17 years old and scouted for potential female talent to send up to the Sun for Page 3,” Rockard says in a biography on his website. “To cut a long story short, I ended up with a model hire studio in Brighton some years later.”

Ben Yates of Pervlens Media told XBIZ that “the story is unique in the fact that the party knew about his past and not only defended him but support him too.”

Rockard told the BBC that UKIP had encouraged him to be “open and honest” about his career.

“I’m exactly the same as anyone else. On one side I have my performer side, and on the other I have my normal life,” Rockard said. “We in UKIP represent the ordinary working-class person who will go to the pub, they will read The Sun and they will look at adult entertainment.

“There are those who will be judgmental, and that is their choice.”

Rockard made headlines in January when the University of the West of England in Bristol threatened to take legal action after he allegedly had made a film on its campus.

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