Salon Lists 7 'Classiest' Porn Sites

Apr 15, 2015 7:50 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Declaring that smut doesn’t have to be boring and conventional, has separated the wheat from the chafe — so to speak — and came up with what it’s calling the seven “smartest” and “classiest” porn sites.

What was selected, according to the article is less “gross” than regular adult sites and more artistic and intelligent. Salon said its selections “occupy a space somewhere between art, erotica and porn. Some are even part sociological study and thought experiment. Or at least that’s what you can tell yourself when you look at them instead of bourgeois ol’ regular porn.”

Of course the article was subjective in its selections, but the list does offer a variety of known, and obscure adult sites that at the very least demonstrate a wide and growing appetite for different types of porn, perhaps as a reaction to the oversaturated market that has pushed extreme scenes to the limit.

First on the list was Hysterical Literature, a free site by Clayton Cubitt, that features a collection of black-and-white videos, each featuring a woman sitting at a table reading aloud from a book of her choosing. But under the table the readers are stimulated with massagers and such while the models try to keep their composure.

There was also pay site I Shot Myself — selfies taken by women, free site Audio Porn, a stripped-down Tumblr site with sex sounds, and Beautiful Agony showing faces during orgasm (what the adult industry commonly calls “fuck faces"). Founders Richard Lawrence and Lauren Olney told Salon,“We wondered whether film of a genuine, unscripted, natural orgasm — showing only the face — could succeed where the most visceral mainstream pornography fails, and that is, to actually turn us on.”

The website Literotica includes poems, stories, audio clips, drawings and more, including stories about incest.

Also on Salon’s list are more commonly known sites in the porn industry including Cindy Gallop’s, that Salon said “promotes the glories of real world sex via sexy videos submitted by regular people,” and director Erika Lust’s XConfessions, where user-submitted confessions are turned into films.

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