Crave Introduces Flex Series, the New Crowdsourced Vibrator Line

Apr 24, 2015 5:04 PM PST

SAN FRANCISCO — Crave is going back to its crowdfunding roots by launching a campaign to create its new Flex pair of vibrators.

Crave was the first to develop a crowdfunded vibrator with its Duet in 2012, and its founders Michael Topolovac and Ti Chang are doing it again.

“With Flex, we're excited to embark on what we think is the next stage of crowdfunding — to bring our community in as part of the product development process,” the company’s founders say. “By providing direct access to the ‘vibration engine’ for the Flex series, we'll be able to offer a limited number of project backers a hands-on design experience, and in doing so, create products that are better for everyone.

According to Crave’s founders, early users of Flex or Duet Flex (which has dual tips and two motors meant to "surround the clitoris and amplify vibration") will create and test vibration patterns and intensities and upload them to an online application. 

Crave will then analyze the data to find the most popular patterns and intensities, which it will program into its "Greatest Hits Flex" and "Greatest Hits Duet Flex" vibrators once the crowdsourcing project is complete.

For more information on Crave’s latest crowdsourced pleasure project, click here. For a video explaining the project, click here.

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