Will Ryder to Release 'Manson Family XXX' in June

May 26, 2015 5:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Murder, sex and mind control can make for strange bedfellows but after a long battle to clear legal hurdles, the Charlie Manson porn movie "Manson Family XXX" is set to arrive on DVD June 23rd from Will Ryder Productions distributed by Pulse.

NBC Television is set to debut the first episode of their new series "Aquarius" this Thursday which chronicles the life of the Manson Family. Both projects tackle controversial graphic material.

Adult movie director Will Ryder is convinced people are more intrigued about Manson than ever before and are especially curious about the hippie love and intense sexual acts that took place at the Spahn Ranch near Los Angeles back in the late 1960s. "We actually shot much of our movie on that very land," Ryder said.
Ryder thinks both projects will promote each other. "We show everything in our movie; the insane appetite for drugs and sex and I'm sure NBC would show all of that if they could but they can't, but either way the release of both of these projects will generate interest in one another," Ryder remarked.

"Manson Family XXX" has been a lightning rod for criticism including an outburst on TMZ. The NBC television series starring David Duchovny has garnered letters of condemnation in the mainstream world.

"This is a touchy subject but one that continues to capture the attention of audiences," remarked David Duchovny who plays a gritty LAPD detective in "Aquarius." When told of the "Manson Family XXX" porn movie, Duchovny smiled and said "I heard," and walked away.  
A trailer for NBC's version can be seen here. A trailer for "Manson Family XXX" can be seen here.

"The timing couldn't be more perfect and we've had to put the brakes on this release for a while now due to certain legal challenges that I don't want to talk about but NBC is paving the way for us to have a summer blockbuster," Ryder said. 

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