Mindbrowse to Host 'Pioneers of Feminist Porn’ Discussion

Jun 11, 2015 9:33 AM PST

BOSTON — Groundbreaking feminist porn director, producer and author, Candida Royalle, will be joined by award-winning New Sensations director, Jacky St. James, for a discussion about the history, evolution and future of feminist porn in an event called “Pioneers of Feminist Porn,” Mindbrowse.com announced today.

The “Pioneers of Feminist Porn” discussion will take place at noon PDT Tuesday, beginning with Royalle addressing the evolution of erotica made for women from when she first entered the industry as a performer in 1974 to the works being authored by current generation of producers and directors. St. James will then join Royalle to discuss their perspectives on the future of women’s erotica, after which Royalle will talk about her forthcoming documentary “While You Were Gone” and the “Natural Contours” line of personal massagers she developed in partnership with Dutch industrial designer Jandirk Groet among other developing projects.
“We are truly honored to have Candida Royalle, the original trailblazer in making porn from a woman’s point of view, lead a discussion about the growth and progress in women’s erotica over the last 30 years,” said Angie Rowntree, owner of the award-winning porn for women site Sssh.com and producer of Mindbrowse.com events. “There’s simply nobody better qualified to talk about how porn for women got its start, how far it has come and where it is headed.”
Royalle has been producing erotica from a woman’s perspective since 1984, when the prevailing attitude in the adult industry was there was no such thing as a market for porn tailored to women. At this point, Royalle has been proving that notion wrong for over 30 years, creating a series of feature films that still serve as the standard to which her peers in women’s erotica aspire.
“You cannot talk about female pornographers and not mention Candida Royalle, whose work in pornography is every bit as groundbreaking today as it was thirty years ago,” St. James said of her esteemed co-panelist. “Her name is synonymous with feminism and couples porn, and even today I look to her work as an inspiration in mine. It takes a lot of gumption to turn a once male-dominated industry on its head and create a bold, unique product that doesn't cater solely to one demographic.”
Royalle said she’s eagerly looking forward to tackling a variety of subjects with St. James and the event’s moderator, sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals.
“I love any opportunity to get together with smart, talented women with whom I can speak candidly about sex and erotic expression and of course my work,” Royalle said. “From my Femme films to my line of sexy vibes and my book, 'How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do', my work is all about sexually empowering women and helping them get comfortable with who they are and how to get their needs met.”
Royalle said whether the work is fiction or reality-based, she always tries to “pepper my work with positive messages, featuring characters and situations that people can get ideas from and things they can use to improve their own sex lives.”
“I hope women – and men! – will tune in and listen,” Royalle said. “My favorite part of any talk has always been the Q&A, and I love to be surprised. So please: tune in, call in and surprise me!”
Throughout the discussion, viewers can tweet questions and comments of their own using the #SexTalkTuesday hashtag for Tibbals to relay to St. James and Royalle during the Q&A portion which will close the show.
For more information about the Mindbrowse discussion series, or to watch previous events, visit MindBrowse.com. For more information about Sssh.com or #SexTalkTuesday, email Angie Rowntree at editor@sssh.com.
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