Video: FSC’s Diane Duke Goes on FOX to Discuss Condom Proposal

Jun 12, 2015 3:44 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Diane Duke, the Free Speech Coalition’s CEO, joined FOX TV’s Studio 11 this week to discuss the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's push for new workplace rules for porn shoots.

Under newly proposed rules, Cal/OSHA, the California agency charged with maintaining safety and health in the workplace, would force adult film performers to use condoms when performing anywhere in the state.

The new rules, pushed hard by the AHF, its sponsor, would go so far to also require eye protection, such as goggles, in some scenes to prevent the transmission of STDs through mucus membranes.

The new rules would also require eye protection in some scenes to prevent the transmission of STDs through mucus membranes. (Los Angeles County began mandating condom use in porn productions in 2012.)

Duke told FOX viewers that the push to alter California Code of Regulations Title 8 § 5193 is unnecessary because adult film performers get frequent STI testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, herpes and hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The industry, she said, also has methods to contain itself if an infection is reported.

“This is just about one man’s vendetta about this industry,” said Duke, referring to AHF President Michael Weinstein and his crusade against current porn production standards. “If you talk to any of the performers they’ll say they are much more comfortable with the current testing protocols in place.”

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