FunDorado Offers Free Porn After Heinz QR Code Blunder

Jun 17, 2015 4:27 PM PST

KONSTANZ, Germany — Adult site has offered a free year’s worth of content and live cams to a German man who tested out a QR code on a bottle of Heinz ketchup that directed to its porn site.

Daniel Korell wrote to Heinz on Facebook claiming he tried the code with several mobile devices and tried manually entering the web address, and he received the same result each time — a link to

A spokesperson from H.J. Heinz Co. apologized to Korell, but noted that ownership of the website expired after the 2012-2014 contest came to a close.

"Even if the bottle was a leftover, it's still in lots of households," Korell said on Facebook. "It's incomprehensible that you didn't reserve the domain for one or two years.

“A .de domain name really doesn't cost the Earth," he said.

Heinz offered Korell a custom-designed bottle free of charge as means of compensation and said it would gladly accept "suggestions for the implementation of future campaigns."

But Korell got an offer on Facebook that might be better. A FunDorado exec offered a free membership.

“Hi Daniel Korell,” the FunDorado exec’s post read. “Wow! Heinz might be confused with its purple ketchup horny purple FunDorado. Anyway, of course you will not go empty with us. We will give you a year at free of charge! Just send us a private message. Purple greetings, your FunDorado team.” and, as well as numerous other adult sites, are part of the affiliate program.

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