Forbes Spotlights Growing 'Hentai' Porn Site

Jul 20, 2015 11:30 AM PST

NEW YORK — Forbes has reported that Japanese “hentai” porn site is planning on morphing from a free content aggregate website to paid membership by the end of 2015.

A profile of the website and interview with creator and CEO Jacob Grady told of how the free content site that features Japanese cartoon porn is among the top 50 adult websites on the Internet, and had more than 250 million visitors and 12 billion page views in 2014.

The eight-year old site has been posting unlicensed hentai porn but will be abandoning the model, removing all unlicensed content and working with artists directly. Grady told Forbes, “I’ve always believed that creating a product worth spending money on would be enough to get people to support it.”

Grady believes users will pay $10 a month to subscribe to the site that plans to offer an easy-to-use online reader, plus DRM-free downloads. Although the new fee may see a drop in traffic, Grady seems unconcerned.

“As a fan, Fakku going legitimate is a no brainer,” Grady said. “It means we finally get to directly support these artists. Even if we lose a bunch of traffic that’s okay, because in the end we’ll show Japan that they have fans here that want to support official English uncensored releases.”

The company will also be publishing two of the biggest hentai magazines in Japan, working with artist Toshio Maeda to publish remastered editions of his manga, including hentai classic “La Blue Girl.”

Fakku also has spin-off businesses, the report noted, that include e-sports sponsorships and erotic skateboards.

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