Cosmopolitan Ranks 15 Best Porn Sites for Women

Jul 24, 2015 9:07 AM PST

NEW YORK — Cosmopolitan magazine has ranked the 15 best women-friendly porn sites.

The sites were ranked on a scale of 1 to 5, using the likenesses of Ron Jeremy as the lowest (1) and James Deen the highest (5).

In attempt to pare down the thousands of potential sites, Cosmo made its choices based on cost, video, photos, stories, GIFs, audio and chat criteria. Some are porn staples while others are somewhat obscure.

The top sites scoring 5 out of 5 included Deen’s, Orgasmic Tips for Girls, PornHub’s gay area, and Hysterical Literature.

Some scored betwen low and high based on particular interests. For example, scored 1-5/5 and was called the "Big Box" store for BDSM.

Commenting on Deen’s site, the reviewer said, “Not giving James Deen a 5 on the James Deen scale would muck with the very structure of the universe. If you are going to be monogamous with your porn, go with Deen. He is fantastic at looking like he's super into the sex and the person he's with. He's also big on eye contact, lustful growls, and is also just really ... big. God, so big. If you feel yourself getting bored — which is impossible. — there are a bunch of categories including ‘public sex,’ ‘emo’ and *whimper* ‘tease.’ I watched a film of his the other day (It was for work) and, I swear, afterward, I felt sort of vicariously well-fucked and had a mysterious glow the rest of the day.”

Other sites included: Lady Cheeky (4/5), Literotica (3/5), Sounds of Pleasure (4.5/5), Naughty Foreskin (4/5), XConfessions (4/5), Beautiful Agony (4/5), Good Vibrations After Dark (2-5/5), I Feel Myself (4/5), (1-5/5), Bright Desire (3.5/5), and Pink Label TV (4/5).

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