LELO’s Tiani Re-enters U.S. Market Following Legal Victory

Jul 30, 2015 9:44 AM PST

SAN JOSE, Calif. — LELO has recommenced U.S. shipments of its bestselling Tiani couples massager, with Tiani 2, Tiani 3, NOA, the Indulge Me Pleasure Set and Bridal Pleasure Set all available to order from this week onwards.

“With the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversing the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) finding of violation, the ITC has determined that there is no longer a basis for the general exclusion order or the cease and desist orders previously issued in connection with the investigation,” the company said. “The ITC has therefore rescinded all the orders, and LELO is free to import its couples’ massagers to the U.S market.”

LELO says the decision is a victory for distributors, retailers and American consumers as a whole, who can now enjoy a wider range of choice in the couples’ massager segment.

Worn by women during intercourse, the Tiani Couples’ Massager was available in the U.S. until the ITC’s June 2013 ruling temporarily halted its importation.

“While LELO representatives said they were delighted to recommence shipments, they expressed regret at the actions of Standard Innovation Corporation (SIC) in using the ITC to block U.S. consumers from access to this product for close to two years,” the company said. “The ITC decision is now formally determined as not being in accordance with law. LELO maintains that Standard Innovation Corporation’s actions were solely intended to prevent competition in the marketplace for its We-Vibe product line, and continues to pursue separate lines of litigation against SIC in the districts courts.”

Retailers and distributors seeking to place new orders for the Tiani 2, Tiani 3, NOA, the Indulge Me Pleasure Set and Bridal Pleasure Set may contact a local LELO sales representative or email usa@lelo.com. Any legal questions can be directed to legalteam@lelo.com.

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