China Now Clamping Down on Amateur Porn

Aug 6, 2015 8:00 AM PST

BEIJING — China's ongoing anti-porn war is now targeting amateur porn being distributed via social media and mobile phones.

The country’s Office Against Pornography and Illegal Publications is clamping down on the content being posted on its Twitter-like site Weibo, other social media and public clips that have surfaced in recent weeks.

According to reports, officials are working harder to stem the porn that’s being more easily distributed via mobile phones and cloud storage. The Office said obscene videos are derailing social decency, disrupting online order and trampling on both moral standards and the law.

The move follows an incident in July where a mobile phone video was shown in the fitting room of clothing retailer Uniqlo in Beijing. The clip went viral on China's social media, resulting in the arrest of four people on suspicion of spreading obscene content.

More porn also surfaced in public on a giant display screen at a shopping mall in the eastern city of Lishui, and homemade sex clips in the southwestern city of Chengdu showed up on Weibo, prompting cops to investigate and detain one suspect.

The anti-porn Office is forcing government authorities throughout China to immediately crack down on the porn perpetrators and "resolutely" punish those who upload and host the content.

Officials have also created a hotline allowing the public blow the whistle on suspected amateur porn producers.

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