Mansion Addresses Concerns Over JW Player Used in MAS CMS

Sep 18, 2015 8:05 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Mansion Productions today said it has been contacted by clients using MAS CMS in regards to concerns over changes in the popular JW Player’s license agreements.

“For 99 percent of MAS clients there’s no need for concern, as each individual client is solely responsible for choosing player and license version of such themselves,” Mansion Productions said in a press release.

“MAS does not rely on any specific player used in its CMS, and clients are free to choose any player offered in the marketplace that is best for their use.

“Alternatively, clients may choose to use no third-party player at all, and rely solely on modern browsers capabilities for embedded HTML5 video which is fully compatible with MAS and is sufficient for the most basic needs. With that said, JW Player is by far the most used player by our clients, and they have said repeatedly it is the most solid one.

Mansion Productions has asked for clients to contact the MAS CMS department here if they have any questions

To see a demo of MAS click here.

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