NSFW Games Launches ‘Glory Hole Arcade’ on MiKandi App Store

Oct 7, 2015 11:09 AM PST

VANCOUVER — NSFW Games has announced the launch of its new game, “Glory Hole Arcade,” for Android phones and tablets.

According to its publisher, the game is a filthy and humorous twist on mobile arcade games that puts players in control of a buxom glory hole attendant servicing customers in the back video booth of a sleazy adult book store.

“We really wanted to create an adult game that was fun to play first, while still being titillating and over-the-top raunchy,” states NSFW Games Producer Mike Avery. “We loved the idea of taking something as nasty as a backroom glory hole and making a light bubbly arcade game out of it with a vintage 70’s porn aesthetic.”

“With mobile games overtaking PC games in popularity, the demand for original high quality adult games is greater than ever,” Avery adds. “The PC market is well established, but developing for mobile platforms is constricted by adult-shy ‘walled gardens,’ [such as] the Apple store and Google Play.”

Avery says that MiKandi is a great alternative to mainstream mobile portals.

“[MiKandi] enabled us to put in the time and effort needed to make ‘Glory Hole Arcade’ a truly original game with deep arcade style game play,” Avery explains, noting that the player “services” customers using natural stroke and suck motions on the touch screen.

“Successful play leads to a variety of sticky situations that include gagging, swallowing and bukkake bonuses,” Avery advises. “By carefully balancing arousal and pleasure, the player can coax the best tips from each customer.”

A collection of themed “power-uppers” including tongue piercings, sex aids, pharmaceuticals and the coveted solid gold butt plug give players strategic bonuses, while challenges such as fending off pesky rats, watching the clock and avoiding the occasional “snake-dick” add to the action.

“This is one game you’re going to want to share with your locker-room buddies,” Avery concludes.

To get the Android version on the MiKandi App Store, click here.

To play the free version online (IE and Firefox only), click here.

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