Chi Chi LaRue Partners With CockyBoys on ‘A Porn Love Story’

Oct 12, 2015 11:17 AM PST

NEW YORK — Gay adult studio CockyBoys and Chi Chi LaRue are working together to produce a new CockyBoys' feature, “A Porn Love Story,” that mocks the “un-making” of a popular boy band.

The project was inspired by a recent interview that LaRue gave to Billboard magazine upon the release of RuPaul's "Realness" album where the Channel 1 Releasing director and producer performed the new rocking anthem “LGBT.”

Jake Jaxson, who founded and operates CockyBoys, and LaRue enlisted an all-star cast of some of the top gay performers working today.

The cast includes CockyBoys' exclusives Levi Karter, Allen King, Tayte Hanson, Liam Riley and Kody Stewart as members of the most popular boy band in the world — New Direction, aka One Erection.

Joining them will be gay porn stars Trenton Ducati, Colby Keller, Lucas Grande, Nick Sterling and Rikk York.

Production already has begun and will continue on location in New York this week.

The project marks a return to form for the legendary LaRue who, until recently, stepped out of the public eye to focus on her recovery and create a new direction in her own life. 

Said LaRue of the collaboration and of being back to work: "I couldn't be more thrilled by this collaboration with Jake Jaxson and CockyBoys.”

“In just five years Jake has come out of nowhere and created a name and brand for himself that is unrivaled in his space,” she said. “My creative juices are overflowing, and I haven't felt this good in years. I needed time off from being Chi Chi and to reconnect with Larry.

“CockyBoys and I had planned on doing something together before I went off to recovery but I just wasn't ready and now the timing is perfect. I feel strong, in control and ready to make this amazing collaboration come to life.

“We want to have fun and even make fun of ourselves.  So many people in porn take themselves and their approach to sex so seriously. With this project we want to make people laugh and entertain them while providing some of the hottest filmed sex around today."

Jaxson said: "We want to to create something that is fun, irreverent, and sexy. Chi Chi and I have been talking about working together for a few years now so finally at this year’s Grabby Awards we sat down and decided to stop flirting and just do it."

"Without question, ChiChi is an industry icon and leader, having crafted and created some of the most memorable adult films in all genres of adult entertainment,” he said. “She has also helped mold and create some of the biggest porn superstars in the business — Joey Stefano and Johnny Hazzard to name a few. 

“Much of what I do today is molded by her C1R's approach to cultivating  talent — seeing them as something more than ‘just holes’ — wanting to push the boundaries and create a more ‘mainstream’ acceptance of adult performers and entertainment."

Commenting on the Channel 1 Releasing director and producer, Jaxson said he couldn’t forget seeing a massive billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood trumpeting her feature “Idol in the Sky,” featuring Ryan Idol.

“Since then I have always been a fan," he said. "What has always impressed me the most about Chi Chi is that so many performers I know love working with her and so many more want to, including all of our exclusives.

“They are all drawn to an energetic force that shines bright, both highly creative and authentic.  And like all of us, she has had good days and bad, and she is not been afraid to share her personal journey, telling it like it is, combining the struggles with a focus on possibility and positivity.”

Jaxson noted that he wanted to thank Channel 1 Releasing and Rob Novinger for both supporting CockyBoys and “A Porn Love Story.”

“It's a rare occurrence when companies come together like this — so for that reason I am especially grateful,” he said. “It's with all that in mind that I look forward to seeing what we can all create together.”

“A Porn Love Story” is slated to be released on the CockyBoys’ platform later this year.

Pictured: Jake Jaxson, left, and ChiChi LaRue

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