’s ‘Gone’ Explores Emotionally Charged Porn

Oct 14, 2015 1:21 PM PST

BOSTON — has released “Gone — A Story of Love & Courage,” the latest adult film produced and directed by founder Angie Rowntree.

Rebecca Adams, the central character of “Gone,” sets the tone for the erotic journey. Rebecca sees flashes of private moments past she spent with her husband Todd, whose mysterious absence is the source of her angst and longing.

The balance between Rebecca’s psychological decompensation and her vivid recollections of intimate moments with Todd propel the story forward, giving an unusual emotional context for a porn movie, Rowntree said.

The plot in “Gone” is largely based on the true story of a member who shared her experiences and emotional life journey with Rowntree through a series of emails.

“I felt I could understand the emotional range of what Rebecca was going through,” said Madeline Blue, who plays Rebecca. “This was porn that had authenticity, complete character and story development, and I felt this was the perfect fit for me.”

Blue’s partner in the film, Gee Richards, also is her soon-to-be husband, bolstering the film’s emotional component, Rowntree said.

“Gone” is currently available at and select video-on-demand platforms worldwide. It is released in three edited versions — explicit, erotic and broadcast. Special features include full-movie commentary, “Secrets of the Reveal” featurette and “Quick Questions” with Madeline and Gee, hosted by Rowntree.

For more information on “Gone” and to see the trailers, click here.

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