French Porn Star Nikita Bellucci Takes On Airline

Oct 15, 2015 3:41 PM PST

PARIS — French porn star Nikita Bellucci is outraged with the airline Transavia, and she’s making her feelings be known on Twitter.

Bellucci took to social media to ask for information about her delayed flight, posting on Twitter: “Can we have some information about Flight TO3743. It’s been deleted four times this morning. There’s no information in Budapest.”

Bellucci annoyance turned heated when she received a response that mocked her career of choice.

“Flight is scheduled for 14.30. It’s just that with you, we prefer when it lasts longer. Have a good day. I remain available,” the Transavia tweet said, complete with a winking face.

After hearing from Bellucci’s supporters on Twitter, the airline, which is a subsidiary of Air France, back-peddled with a series of tweets.

“I am sorry you were offended by this joke. I was just trying to lighten the mood,” the airline’s tweet said. “Again, I’m sorry. The plane will leave shortly.”

It was followed by a second tweet that read, “Good evening, we return to you for again we apologize for this tweet and our delay. Our customer service will contact you soon by email about the delay of our flight. Good night.”

Bellucci has continued her tirade on Twitter to strike at those who had insulted her.

“In France, unfortunately I have noticed that if you are a porn star, you don’t have the right to want to cultivate your mind and you must not share your opinions on the news," she said.

“Open your thighs, look beautiful and shut up ... is all that’s allowed. That’s all we expect of you, nothing more.”

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