Anti-Porn Bulletin Boards Bombard S.F. Bay Area

Oct 21, 2015 6:00 AM PST

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Anti-porn organization Fight the New Drug (FTND), founded by a team of Mormons in Utah, has flooded the Bay Area with 100 billboards proclaiming "Porn Kills Love. Fight for Love." 

In just five years, FTND has gathered over a million Facebook followers, more than 21,000 Twitter minions and 60,000-plus Instagram supporters. Backed only by pseudoscience and religious opinion, they allege that porn damages human intimacy by altering brain chemistry.   

Adult film actress and activist Siouxsie Q, a San Francisco journalist who runs the popular Whorecast podcast, recently returned from a two-day shoot in Southern California to find a fresh anti-porn billboard plastered a block from her house.

She penned an article in her weekly column titled "Whore Next Door: A Blossoming Romance," about forging a deeper bond with boyfriend Sam Solo during their trip to California, and how the bulletin board shocked her with its inaccurate portrayal of the adult entertainment industry. 

"Call it pornomancehomance, or just good old-fashioned young love, but sharing the ups and downs of this crazy business can feel as magical as puppy love at summer camp," Siouxsie Q said. "Big feelings, tiny crises, and unexpected adventures solidify and deepen the bonds between us."

When she saw the eyesore of a bold red bulletin board vividly condemning porn, Siouxsie Q was appalled. "I squeezed Sam's hand as we pulled into the driveway, marveling at how that threatening statement could be so preposterously untrue," said the activist, who received an award nomination for her scene in "San Francisco Lesbians: The Scissr Sex App," a Smash Pictures/Trouble Films collaboration.

While such evangelizing may seem innocuous, if left unchecked, it can lead to legislative censorship via ballot propositions or public pressure on elected representatives. When a Utah-based puritanical campaign imposed its sexual morality on Californians in 2008, the heavily Mormon-funded Proposition 8 ended up banning same-sex marriage. While the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case eventually legalized gay marriage nationwide, recent porn crackdowns in countries like the United Kingdom highlight the importance of constant vigilance for the adult entertainment industry to defend its own interests. 

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