Tech Expert Talks Quantum Computing Porn With ZDNET

Oct 26, 2015 3:28 PM PST

OHIO — When business technology news site ZDNET asked experts to make predictions about the future 30 years from now, sci-tech journalist Tom Geller foresaw quantum computing used primarily for porn and gambling.

"Quantum computing and exaflop-capable supercomputers will be available to everyone," Geller said. "Despite their potential for curing cancer and predicting the weather down to square-meter resolution, they'll mostly be used for the same purposes as other advanced technologies — gambling and porn."

Traditional computers use binary code to store information as bits, which are either flipped on or off like a digital light switch. Quantum computing makes use of quantum mechanics, a field that studies the tiny processes of atoms and particles of light, to store data on qubits (quantum bits).

These qubits basically have digital superpowers, that allow them to be on, off or both. By having such flexibility, they can store massive amounts of information and rapidly process complex operations. Quantum computing could accelerate holographic virtual reality porn with unimaginable speed in the future. 

"Massive external events (such as war or natural disaster) could prevent these technological advancements," added Geller. "Gambling and porn, however, remain the constant they've been for 10,000 years."

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