Video: SexShop3D Turns Eiffel Tower Into 3D-Printed Dildo

Nov 3, 2015 7:00 AM PST

PARIS — SexShop3D, an online marketplace providing sex toy designs for 3D printing, is now offering the streaming of the Eiffel Tower dildo.

Registered members of SexShop3D submit designs based on everyday items, ranging from fruit-inspired toys to vibrators modeled after the stick shift of a car. They can then sell their 3D sex toy models to 3D printer owners, who will buy or print their own sex toys from home.

The website offers sex toy guides and articles on their blog, covering topics like "How to Make Silicone Sex Toys With 3D Printing," "3D Printing With 10 Materials at Once" and "3D Sex Toy Designs Illustrate Why 3D Printing Will Become Commonplace." 

In a recent interview with designer Peter "Pierrimus" Phelps, SexShop3D explored the growing 3D-printed sex toy industry.

"One of the great things about 3D printing in the sex toy industry is that, if you want, you can scale a design up or down to fit your own mood and needs," Pierrimus said. "I, for one, was also very interested because of the difficulty for private access to these devices. In my region, the affordable sex toy shops are part of strip clubs which makes it VERY awkward to purchase there without being seen by someone you know and labeled a pervert."

"Self-manufacturing through 3D printing in the comfort and privacy of your own home will revolutionize the sex toy industry," added Pierrimus. "Just as the music industry has had to adapt to new means of distribution, the sex toy industry will need to adapt to new means of delivering the products customers will demand."

To order Pierrimus' sex toys, click here.

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