Smartphone Use Sees Double-Digit Gains in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Nov 20, 2015 11:50 AM PST

ZURICH — More people in German-speaking countries — Germany, Austria, Switzerland — are using smartphones compared to a year earlier, according to a new study.

The survey — a joint study from German online digital economy federation BVDW, IAB Austria and IAB Switzerland — may help solidify planning by advertisers and publishers for mobile traffic in those countries, including those who transact adult entertainment offerings.

The survey shows that mobile use, compared to last year’s figures, is up in Germany by 15 percent, Austria up by 30 percent and Switzerland up by 19 percent.

Internet use through a PC has fallen slightly — down 2 percent in Germany, down 3 percent in Austria and down 1 percent in Switzerland.

From year-to-year figures, Internet use on desktop has fallen from 195 to 185 minutes a week in Germany, from 200 to 180 minutes in Austria, and from 179 to 171 minutes in Switzerland.

But mobile web use via a smartphone has increased from 100 to 114 minutes in Switzerland, from 95 to 114 minutes a week in Germany and from 95 to 100 minutes in Austria.

Interestingly, the smartphone has overtaken the TV to become the 2nd most used device in Austria and Switzerland.

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