Dominic Ford Premieres 360-degree Gay Porn VR Scene

Nov 24, 2015 6:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — has announced the launch of a new solo scene starring Alex Green in 360-degree virtual reality.

Users can watch the scene and virtually walk around the room, with the ability to concentrate on the parts of the model they like best.

"Our customers tend to be tech-savvy, and the moment the Oculus Rift was announced we were barraged by questions about when/if we would support these new VR Headsets and the 360° format," Dominic Ford said.

VR headsets, such as those by Noon VR, allow smartphones to be used like VR systems. By placing the smartphone in a VR headset, Dominic Ford's 3D movies can be viewed with 360-degree footage, including the ability to scan the entire room and adjust model close-up views.

"We are excited to be trying out another new technology," Ford said. "360-degree VR is bleeding edge right now, and the equipment available is not as high definition as our stunning 4K movies. But the experience is amazing.

"I am very curious to hear feedback from our users, which will determine how we proceed with this technology," he added.

Ford was inducted into the Grabby Hall of Fame earlier this year and has won various awards, including XBIZ's "Gay Company of the Year" and Grabby's "Best Web Content" two years in a row.

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