'Porn Sparks Love' Campaign Fights Anti-Porn Propaganda

Nov 24, 2015 8:54 AM PST
SAN FRANCISCO — The PornSparksLove.com campaign, developed by GameLink.com, launched today to combat anti-porn efforts and propaganda.

"Porn Sparks Love" highlights the positive impact of pornography on love and relationships around the world through expert and viewer testimonials, as well as scientific studies and media articles. Garnering the support of the adult industry and its millions of fans, the de-shaming initiative supports openness, creative self-expression and all forms of sexuality.

GameLink’s new campaign is a positive response to an anti-porn effort by Fight the New Drug (FTND), a Salt Lake City-based conservative group with Mormon ties. Scores of "Porn Kills Love" billboards have recently begun popping up in San Francisco and other cities, with the PornKillsLove.com website posted at the bottom of each billboard.
"It’s sad to see so much negativity against the adult industry based purely on ideology," GameLink.com representative Tera Reynolds said. "It’s not an accurate depiction of adult content, and we want to show a truer view through this campaign. Our message promotes dialogue, intimacy, sex and enhancing people’s love lives. Most of all, it supports openness and one’s ability to express themselves sexually in a healthy and consensual way.”
PornSparksLove.com includes links, testimonials and information from consumers, adult industry representatives, celebrities and medical professionals, detailing how porn has positively impacted relationships. The website serves as a vehicle to shed a positive light on porn's proximity and inclusion of love and relationships, while debunking myths and misconceptions about the adult industry.
The site’s developers also hope to gain traction on social media using the hashtag #PornSparksLove.
“We are reaching out to the adult industry, fans, celebrities and professionals, as well as all those who have enjoyed a positive impact from adult entertainment, to submit to us their own testimonials and stories about how porn has made a difference in their love life and relationships,” Reynolds said. “We want to hear from everyone who has improved or enhanced their relationships thanks to porn and adult entertainment. We want to help share all those amazing stories with the world!” 
Those interested in submitting their stories, unique testimonials or offers of support may e-mail Testimonials@PornSparksLove.com.
On PornSparksLove.com, GameLink outlines its opposition to the anti-porn campaign with the following statement: “Repressed and fearful people want you to believe porn kills love. They would have you believe pornography promotes disrespect, exploitation, abuse and selfishness, when the truth is actually the opposite. Gamelink, and its hundreds of thousands of supporters, know better, and as a leading adult e-commerce company which avidly supports openness, creative self-expression and all forms of sexuality, we are here to share with you how #PornSparksLove.
"Anyone can compile a bunch of random stats to make a case, but we prefer to rely on first-hand stories and accounts of 'real' people," continues the statement. "We spoke to people who live both inside and outside of the adult entertainment industry — people who are employed in porn, who balance real life situations and relationships, who have great 'real' sex lives and who are in love. We also spoke with people who fell in love, or deeper in love, as a result of their time sharing adult entertainment with one another. Please allow us to show love’s perspective from another side — one where sexuality, sensuality, eroticism, romanticism, wants, needs, desires and support are not separate, but intricately intertwined.”
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