ROCK'N Products Unveils Integrated System of Supplements

Jan 5, 2016 1:02 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — ROCK’N Products has introduced the Rock Life line of dietary supplements designed to optimize “mind, body and spirit.”

The lifestyle based natural wellness line, available now at, says its mantra is to naturally optimizing every aspect of daily life. The Rock Life line of dietary supplements is formulated to stimulate brain power, maximize energy levels, enhance sexual vitality, relax and cleanse the body for a more active, dynamic life.

“We are excited to introduce consumers to the Rock On integrated system of supplements that will kick-start your journey towards health, hope and happiness so you can Rock every moment of your life,” ROCK’N Products President Keith Caggiano said. “The Rock Life is all about looking and feeling your best at any age. Virtually everyone sets the New Year’s resolution of obtaining better health and mental performance. Now there’s a full range of products to enhance your wellness in all facets of life.”

The Rock Life lineup is divided into three categories. To “Rock Your Mind,” ROCK’N Products offers Brain On — a nootropic brain supplement that supports mental focus, cognitive function, memory and recall. Rock On DO IT Focus & Energy is a natural dietary supplement that supports focus, alertness, mental and physical energy.

To “Rock Your Body,” Rock’N Raspberry Ketones are an extract compound found in raspberries that have been known to significantly aid in weight loss. Rock’N Raspberry Ketones help to curb the appetite, aid in the breakdown of dietary fat molecules and supports metabolism of stored body fat.

Rock’N Ripped is a natural fitness supplement that supports the body’s ability to metabolize fat and increase workout energy. This natural appetite suppressor can also help the body support freeing of fatty acids and forces them to burn.

Rock’N Pump is a pre-sport natural energy booster with a blend of amino acids, creatine and energy boosts to Rock that workout, sport or any physical activity.

Rock’N Shake is designed as a protein pack great tasting chocolaty treat for all of your hard work. Rock’n shake is an light, fluffy easy to mix whey protein with a complete blend of amino acids.

T-Rock Testosterone Optimizer is a natural way to help boost the body’s testosterone levels to increase youthful energy, sex drive, support muscle building and recovery.

To “Rock Your Spirit,” Rock On for Him is a natural sexual herbal supplement to promote male enhancement, stamina, increase sexual performance and boost male testosterone levels.

Rock On Sexual Vitality for Her is the award-winning female sexual enhancement formula that can support a more active sexual drive, libido, stimulation and enjoyment for today's woman.

Rock Out Detox helps to reset the body to a more natural, purified state. Rock Out Detox promotes healthy colon, liver, and kidney function by safely and naturally helping absorb and eliminate toxins from the body.

Rock Out & Relax is a natural herbal formula designed to support a state of calmness, reduced anxiety, stress reduction, improved mood and lowered blood pressure.

The Rock Life line of supplements will be offered for select distribution only. ROCK’N Products says it is will soon announce the mass distribution and re-release of Rock’n Shots with new never-before-seen additions.

For more information about ROCK’N Products, contact or visit

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