Rock'n Products Re-Launches Rock'n Shots for Sexual Vitality

Jan 26, 2016 1:38 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Rock’n Products has re-launched Rock’n Shots for enhancing men’s and women’s sexual vitality.

Rock On Passion Shot for Her is designed to ignite a woman’s libido and optimize her sexual, sensory experience, while Rock On Pre-Max Shot for Him optimizes sexual performance while boosting stamina and energy.

A couples-friendly sexual enhancement staple, Rock’n Shots now feature new formulas, new flavors and new profit centers. The new Rock On line’s motto to “Rock Life” revolves around feeling alive, switched on and ready to indulge the senses. Rock On is designed to provide the boost to overcome everyday stress, anxiety and distraction to turn on sexual desire.

The New Wild Berry Rock On Passion Shot for Her is a natural elixir designed to ignite her libido and optimize her sexual, sensory experience. Using a unique proprietary blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and other natural ingredients, the easy-to-drink shot will calm her mind, awaken her body and ignite her sexual spirit.

Rock On Pre-Max Shot for Him is a libido enhancer for men to perform harder and longer. Made of natural ingredients, it's a sexual elixir that promotes both mental and physical alertness and can promote maximum male potency. ROCK ON Pre-Max Shot For Him is an all-in-one blend of natural herbal libido enhancers, fruit extracts, minerals and vitamins with no adverse side effects.

Both new shots feature new formulas, flavors and are available in six-packs for greater retailing options.

“Though several years have passed since Rock On shots was thrust into the mainstream limelight by Oxygen Network’s ‘Bad Girls Club’, Rock’n Shots have continued to be highly sought-after by men and women — particularly among today’s millennials,” ROCK’N Products President said. “Rock’n Shots are fun to drink and deliver results instantly. Health-conscious consumers love the all-natural ingredients in Rock’N Shots, which offer benefits that carry on through all aspects of life.”

The Rock On Passion Shot for Her and Rock On Pre-Max Shot for Him are part of the new Rock Life family of holistic products to boost your mind, body and spirit. The range comes in sleek all-black bottles with the new Rock On “Horn Hand” logo brightly color-coded for each need — such as brain power, energy levels, sexual vitality, and to relax and cleanse the body.

For more information on the Rock Life mantra and products, visit

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