Brazzers Announces 'Tech-Porn' Venture, SFW Platform

Feb 11, 2016 3:20 PM PST

BURBANK, Calif. — Brazzers has announced "The Future of F***ing," its tech-porn initiative with concept projects that include virtual reality simulation, hologram porn and nerve impulse implants.

Brazzers has begun research in the field of wearable tech, with the stated goal of taking porn audiences from 3D to 4D through a diverse variety of media platforms.

To realize the success of these projects, Brazzers has teamed up with former geospatial imaging and NASA engineers with expertise in advanced technological imaging fields. 

Brazzers Product Director Mario Nardstein explains that “the biggest question we asked ourselves before looking into wearable tech porn was, does advanced technology really bring us closer to content? Or will the content itself bring people closer to it? Our solution: make the content inclusive, immersive and engaging and they will come — in more ways than one.”

Brazzers is also launching BrazzersNow, a fully safe-for-work platform that will feature behind-the-scenes, user-generated and pop culture content related to the adult entertainment industry. For updates on Brazzers tech-porn ventures, readers can follow the brand through BrazzersNow. For more details on the projects and how to get involved, visit

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