GameLink Offers to Produce 'Porn Stars for Cruz' Commercials

Feb 12, 2016 4:46 PM PST

WASHINGTON — is offering to produce a commercial series featuring legitimate porn stars and a $100,000 budget for Ted Cruz’s campaign.

The offer comes on the heels of the Cruz Campaign suspending one of its own ads, after it was discovered actress Amy Lindsay, an avid Cruz supporter, has appeared nude in many soft-core films.

A frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, Cruz has continually targeted the religious conservatives in his campaign. When presented with the information about Lindsay’s filmography, which ranged from soft-core movies like “Confession of a Call Girl” to a role on “Star Trek: Voyager,” a spokesperson for the Cruz Campaign said they were “unaware of the actor’s past work in porn and took action when [they] learned of her full film history.”

“First off, on behalf of many in the adult industry, I’m offended Ted Cruz is throwing around the word ‘porn’ like it’s dirty and something to be ashamed of,” said Jeff Dillon, president of business development for eLine, parent company of “The porn industry is composed of many hardworking Americans, and Cruz would be lucky to have their vote.”

“Secondly,” added Dillon, “Amy Lindsay, though a fine actress, is not even a porn star, as she has never appeared in a pornographic film. If she was, her movies would be available to watch on Instead, if you search her name on our site, you’ll find exactly three titles, which are all produced by and feature the best nude scenes of celebrity actresses in Hollywood films.”

“By essentially firing one of his own supporters from a commercial, Ted Cruz proved he needs all the help he can get in running his campaign, which is why is offering to produce a $100,000 series of commercials, which feature actual porn stars,” Dillon said.

“There are plenty of people in the adult industry who embrace the conservative value system, and while itself is political neutral, we would be happy to help Cruz broaden his voter base and make his campaign more inclusive. After all, don’t we all want to ‘Make America Great Again’?”

The offer for GameLInk’s Ted Cruz commercial series is contingent on the Cruz Campaign’s acceptance. The Cruz Campaign has not yet authorized the use of porn stars in its promotion or agreed to work with

To view the removed Cruz ad featuring Amy Lindsay, click here.

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