Aurora Snow, Nadia Ali Discuss 'A Muslim Porn Star's Crusade'

Feb 17, 2016 8:52 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Aurora Snow has interviewed Pakistani adult star Nadia Ali for The Daily Beast, in an article titled “Banned in Pakistan: A Muslim Porn Star’s Crusade."

The 24-year-old porn star and first-generation American from Pakistan has made a name for herself by pushing religious boundaries in the name of adult entertainment in the short time she has been performing.

In the piece, Ali shares her religious background, her journey into the adult industry and if, in fact, she is banned from Pakistan as a result of performing in adult films. She also discusses death threats, her family, culture vs. religion, feminism (particularly for Islamic women) and more.

“If I were to set foot in Pakistan, and people were to recognize me, there would be consequences — and I’d rather not take my chances," Ali said. "Being banned won’t stop me from talking."

Snow wrote, “Ali is often filmed wearing her hijab — and little else — while engaged in various hardcore sexual activities. Hijabs, or veils worn by many Muslim women to cover their bodies in the presence of males outside of their immediate family, are deeply rooted in Islamic culture and religion.

"Tied to the Quranic concept of female modesty, they’re also viewed by detractors as a way to subjugate and silence women," she continued. "For Ali, donning a hijab in porn is empowerment. Determined to break down the barriers of this age-old taboo, she doesn’t think of her work as anti-hijab porn, but in a culture where it is conceivable for a cleric to ban women from touching bananas and cucumbers due to their phallic resemblance, she hopes to inspire change.”

To read Ali’s complete interview in The Daily Beast, click here. Fans can follow Nadia Ali on Twitter at

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