Mystery Vibe's Crescendo to Be Fitted With Sensors, Record Orgasms

Apr 4, 2016 3:59 PM PST

LONDON — Sex toy maker Mystery Vibe is getting ready to release the world's first internet-connected vibrator that will collect data from women as they experience orgasms.

The next version of Mystery Vibe’s Crescendo sex toy will be fitted with five sensors that record the information, which will be collected in a central database and made open to researchers, as well as to discern the performance of the new vibrator to each user.

Stephanie Alys, the London company's co-founder and "chief pleasure officer," told the Daily Mirror that "up until now, measuring arousal has pretty much only taken place in the lab.”

"Using sensors to collect data such as temperature change, pressure from muscle contractions, device positioning and blood flow will help us to understand both male and female pleasure and orgasm better," Alys told the Daily Mirror.

Mystery Vibe has spent five years researching and manufacturing the adult toy which claims to be the “world’s best female vibrator.”

The company recently reached its crowdfunding goal of £40,000 to bring the Crescendo to market.

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