Partners With WankzVR to Offer VR Porn

Apr 7, 2016 12:46 PM PST

TORONTO — has announced its partnership with, in an effort to provide high quality virtual reality porn for fans, while developing a series of technological enhancements.

According to the company, VR is capturing the imagination of a wide audience very quickly because it offers the most immersive opportunity to enjoy many forms of entertainment.

“WankzVR has the best virtual reality adult content,” Chris from says. “Anyone with a Reddit account can see that for themselves, according to the porn fans who crave next generation of erotica right now.”

“Being able to offer VR content on in a way that does not require installation of any kind of app is a breakthrough we are proud of, and there are many other advantages of this new partnership,” Chris added. “Fans without headsets can preview streaming versions of the scene and manipulate camera angles with their mouse — and fans with even the most basic VR cardboard can enjoy the full experience without any additional apps or software necessary.”

Phil of says that the main advantage of content is that it is quickly breeching the wall between VR and a larger audience by focusing on providing a frictionless experience.

“Everyone wants VR, but what newcomers to the medium desire most is to be able to preview it on their screen without a headset, and to eventually to watch it in all of its glory without app installations or additional hardware of any kind,” Phil explains. “We are at the leading edge of that movement and when fans have WankzVR videos in front of them they want to know it’s not being watered-down or diluted in any way.”

“That is what we focus on constantly, getting the absolute best quality VR content to fans without any of the technological friction points that plague other providers,” Phil adds. “We haven’t gotten completely away from needing a VR headset yet, but it’s something we are working toward tirelessly.”

Phil says that unlike some of the boutique niche sites now starting to offer small amounts of VR content, boasts millions of visitors per month and a massive catalog of content covering many niches.

“Now with a preferred partner in the virtual reality market specifically, the adoption level among consumers is likely to rise quickly,” Phil explains. “This may be seen in retrospect as the watershed moment that allowed VR to become widely accepted in much the same way adult entertainment has fostered other technological revolutions throughout the video, streaming, digital security and hosting verticals already.”

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