North Carolina Porn Fans Flock to

Apr 13, 2016 12:01 PM PST

TORONTO — has announced that it is now enjoying a 50 percent increase in visitors from North Carolina, following moves by some porn sites to ban fans from the state due to its passing of House Bill 2 (HB2) on March 23.

According to the company, it accepts all open-minded viewers, without discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or what state they happen to be in at the moment. As a result, adult entertainment fans from the Tar Heel State are reportedly flocking to without fear of discrimination.

“The state of North Carolina has a population of nearly 10 million people, but  only 32 legislators in the state voted for HB2,” explained Chris of “We have no desire to punish millions of innocent adult video fans as a way of getting a message across to 32 misguided individuals.”

“If anything, allowing North Carolinians to continue watching transsexual videos on for free is a useful way of contributing to the dialogue that needs to take place,” Chris adds. “[Hopefully] these 32 legislators can become more compassionate, understanding and civil toward the trans population.”

HB2, also known as “The Bathroom Bill” was introduced only a month after the city of Charlotte passed a measure to protect the LGBT community, with legislators ratifying it after only 12 hours of debate.

The law was written to supersede local non-discrimination measures and focuses on narrowly specifying gender for the purpose of public bathroom usage.

Many advocacy groups have correctly pointed out that the law is aimed at marginalizing the transgender community by creating undue burdens on personal freedom, while using the force of law to shun people who naturally identify as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth.

“We are opposed to HB2 as much as Bruce Springsteen and all the others who are speaking out, but it doesn’t make any sense to fight discrimination by discriminating against innocent people who have nothing to do with HB2,” Chris explains. “Transsexual niche video content has always been available alongside all of the other categories of entertainment on the website, because we understand that displaying human sexuality in all its diverse flavors is a key element of building the kind of culture that is supportive of every citizen’s right to determine their own sexual identity.”

The company is embracing this opportunity to help educate people about transsexuals and alternative sexual identities in a judgment-free atmosphere.

“We are here to provide the best porn entertainment without the kind of political undercurrent that distracts people from what they wanted to see in the first place,” Chris concludes. “If you or someone you love is living in North Carolina and did not vote for HB2, visit You can learn a lot about transsexual identity, and a wide variety of other sexual themes without anyone discriminating against you right now.”

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